The topic of DNA is far more complex than I could possibly cover in the scope of this book. In fact at the point I started writing I had not even considered including a glimpse of the world of European DNA studies, but as the writing of Tracing Your European Ancestors drew to a close I felt that there was a place for the topic, even if that was a broad and perhaps directive view of simply pointing researchers in the direction of other areas of reading.

The sections below provide links to various websites, reading and other research mediums. In the case of the Presentation and videos section I have linked to a playlist on my own YouTube Channel. None of those video’s are copyrighted to me, but to Debbie Kennett, Maurice Gleeson and Jim Rader, all of whom have kindly allowed me to share the links here.

DNA Testing Companies

DNA Projects

DNA On-line Communities

DNA Presentations and Videos

DNA Further Books and Reading


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