Tracing Your European Ancestors

From the 6433672back cover.

Anyone who is keen to research the life story of an ancestor from across Europe will find Julie Goucher’s handbook an invaluable guide. She provides detailed, easy-to-use and accurate information on the key sources in each country on the Continent, including Russia. The important local and national records are described, and she focuses on the accessible sources that are the gateway to research – the websites, books and archives that provide an essential starting point for a journey into a family’s past.

A concise account of the history and scope of the relevant records for each country is given, along with a summary of the most effective approach to take to them. There are warnings about the obstacles and pitfalls a researcher may encounter, and the major events in each country’s history – those that have had a marked effect on family history – are identified, especially the impact of the world wars and regional conflicts, border changes and movements of populations. Advice on useful websites is an essential part of the guide, but helpful information on all the genealogical sources is provided.

Julie Goucher’s handbook is an indispensable companion for anyone who is researching the life of an ancestor or the history of a family from the Continent.

ISBN – 1473823374

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