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Patronymic bynames in medieval Western Europe

Originally posted on Dictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources:
Today’s topic is one suggested to us via conversations on twitter, sparked by this fascinating map (found here) of the meanings of the most popular surnames in different European countries.…

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The Origins and Evolution of a One-Name Study and Surname Research – Webinar

In December the Southern California Genealogical Society released their 2016 Webinar series schedule. There are some familiar faces scheduled and in many instances I need to go to bed very late if I am to hear the webinars! – there … Continue reading

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Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and is an autonomous region of Italy. The minor islands around it are also considered to be part of Sicily. Throughout much of its history, Sicily has been considered a crucial … Continue reading

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Bulgarian Research

Bulgaria is the oldest state in Europe to have kept its original name since AD681 and most of the population are descendants of the Bulgarian invasion of the South Danube. On two occasions during the medieval period Bulgarians managed to … Continue reading

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Polish in Iran (Persia)

From 1942 until the end of the war there was a population of Polish migrants in Iran. As Iran is outside the remit of Tracing Your European Ancestors I have mentioned it briefly in the book, but wish to share … Continue reading

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Useful Resources – Isle of Man

Most well known as the venue for the TT Motorsport races, the island is located in the North Sea between Great Britain and Ireland The Isle of Man is a British Crown Dependency, which is self governing, however, Britain is … Continue reading

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Useful Resources – Channel Islands

The Channel Islands is made up of five different islands, each one represented by their own flag, as illustrated here. The islands are Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and Herm. The islands are located in the English Channel close to the Normandy … Continue reading

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Useful Resources – Italy

Anglo Italian Family History Society Italian Records by Trafford R Cole, Published Ancestry, 1995, ISBN 978 – 0196489588 Italian Surname Mapping Tool  Italians Coming to the United Kingdom by Julie Goucher, 2003 (revised 2015) Our Italian Surnames by Joseph G. … Continue reading

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The topic of DNA is far more complex than I could possibly cover in the scope of this book. In fact at the point I started writing I had not even considered including a glimpse of the world of European … Continue reading

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If you are researching an European surname there is a chance you are capturing every instance of that surname wherever you locate it irrespective of whether it connects to your own family or not. The concept of examining the details … Continue reading

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